Digital Electronics Lab 2018 – Assignment for Week 11: Final Project Progress Report Writeup #2

This week, after having cut the acrylic sheet and installed the potentiometers in their places, I’m starting to create the electrical connections.

As seen below, I intended to connect the grounds on every pot. I also connected the vertical columns of pots to common power lines.


I had considered several different methods connecting the pots, including stripping midsections of longer wire and using copper tape. However, Steve wisely advised me to just stick to something and get the job done. So, during class today, I wired up all the ground and power wires to the pots. I took great effort to make sure everything looks neat, because the clear acrylic will make my handiwork visible to everyone.

I stripped a bunch of little sections of wire and looped them through the solder lugs on the pots, one by one. I wanted everything to stay in place, even before I had soldered everything down.


When I was satisfied, I went over to the soldering iron and fused all the joints together with a healthy dose of solder. Using the fume extractor was quite effective when placed over my work in the right place. Beginning with neat wire work made the soldering very straightforward.


Finally, I went back to my desk and, with a wire cutter, snipped off the exposed ends of surplus wire, radiating in every direction like spines from a cacti.


The result was a very clean and functional wiring job!




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