Digital Electronics Lab 2018 – Assignment for Week 10: Final Project Progress Report Writeup #1

Today, I met with Mark, and we discussed the possibilities for mounting my potentiometers. As of now, it appears that I will use either acrylic or wood, depending on the type of finish I want. Clear acrylic seems like the way I’ll go. It’s also a great opportunity to learn how to work Adobe Illustrator for the purposes of designing files that will work with a laser cutter.

Tomorrow, I’ll head downtown to a shop that sells acrylic sheets. I’ll purchase one that’s large enough to create a box that will house all of the components. The general shape will be roughed out using the resources found at

Although my potentiometers had arrived during class back at the dorm, I only had one pot on me. I traced its circular base 20 times in a 4X5 grid on some looseleaf to get a better sense of the dimensions of my design. It’s important to consider the bases of the pots – not just the shafts – because those will be adjacent to one another behind the paneling. I believe the image below demonstrates that I was able to strike a balance between spacing and compactness. This is important because I want to easily handle (and troubleshoot) the components and connections — a cramped spacing would make this excessively difficult. I’m ordering a digital caliper to accurately measure the dimensions of all my components.

Next, I figured out how to send data between the Teensy and Processing. So far, I’ve watched the tutorial below:

This video mainly describes how to send information from Processing to the Teensy, not the other way around. I’ll follow another video for going in the other direction (which I intend on using more). Here are some snippets of code that I wrote today:

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 6.25.30 PM
Arduino-side code. Receives information from Processing.
Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 6.25.48 PM
Processing code (Java). Sends messages to Teensy (Arduino/C++).

Because I plan on reading multiple values at a time from my circuit, I will have to set up some sort of serial protocol for sending multiple values at one time, then making sense of them on the other end (in Processing).

These are the items I successfully worked on during class. Other than that, I was trying to implement a way of adjusting the transparency of subsequent frames in my processing code. Up to now, I have been unsuccessful. I was occupied with this for much of class time, until I realized that it was probably a better use of my time to move on and start designing the physical interface. That was a good decision.


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